Since I was a young girl, I have always loved creating art with others.   I’d sit down with neighborhood friends and pass on project ideas and techniques that I had discovered.  It was an easy decision for me to major in art education at NYU and to follow that with a degree in painting from the University of Denver.  These two related fields, painting and education, form the foundation for my twin passions, my work as an artist and inspiring students in my studio.

When the Livermore Association for Guiding and Teaching Students (LAGATS) was looking for an art instructor for its afterschool classes I signed on, leading to over a decade of work with youngsters in a variety of group art classes.  Eventually I founded the Young Artists’ Studio, a program of small group classes in my own studio for young people which I have continued for thirty years.  In recent years I have thoroughly enjoyed working with my adults as well.

The Young Artists’ Studio

My private, semi-private, and small group classes for ages seven and up meet weekly in my studio in Livermore, CA.  Classes are usually two hours long and include instruction in all media including drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture.  Instruction is individualized, appropriate for the age, abilities, and interests of each student.  Each project includes instruction in technique as well as the principles of art and design, part of the foundation of an artist’s education.  I have worked with advanced placement students and home schoolers as well as family groups. 

Pandemic Limitations

When the Covid pandemic arrived, I decided to temporarily stop holding my home studio classes.  We had no idea we would still be dealing with this almost two years later!  I have started to welcome 1 or 2 students at a time, though I require everyone to be vaccinated and to wear a mask, as I do.  I hope that it won’t be long before I can open my classes to more students.  I am now semi-retired, but will always enjoy sharing my studio with others. 

For information about The Young Artists’ Studio, please contact me.